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The Best of Scotland

10 days road trip itinerary to see the best natural wonders and sightseeing of Scotland


  • Find the time to plan your trip to Scotland
  • You spend days just trying to figure out how to spend your vacations in Scotland!
  • You do not know where you should go
  • You do not know where you should stay
  • You want to stay within the budget

I will show you the best places to stay in order to maximize your day with the itinerary. I will create a map of the best places to visit, and I will point you in the direction of best restaurants and coffee bars.

  • Your time is priceless, so let me help you make the most of it
  • You will stay within your budget
  • I will take the stress out of planning a trip to Scotland
  • Daily plan including driving instructions

Introducing… The Best of Scotland!

From its magical highlands to its medieval towns and cities, travelling to Scotland is a cultural and fascinating adventure. I mean, it’s one of the world’s greenest and arguably most beautiful countries! Follow this 10-day self-driving itinerary for Scotland and discover the absolute best of the country.

Best of scotland itinerary


Best of Scotland e book

An interactive map

An interactive map with saved attractions and accommodation. You can keep it your your phone or Ipad

Accommodation recommendations

I recommend hotels and B&Bs which reflect Scottish hospitality and locality. All hotels are hand-picked, with good reviews and stunning locations

40 pages of a detailed daily itinerary

Driving routes and distances, hidden gems, where to eat and more

About Me


I am Kate, and I am an expert on Scotland travel.

With many years of experience working for a destination management company, I am fully qualified to create the best itinerary for you and make your trip to Scotland unforgettable.

I know the destination and can provide personal insights and tips.

I am a local and have extensive practical knowledge of travelling across Scotland. I am passionate about sharing my experiences with you.

I spend significant time on researching the destination and usually stay away from crowded places.

My eBooks are detailed itineraries with a daily plan. Here you’ll find recommendations on places to stay, things to see and do, and where to eat.

In my travels, I practice ‘Coorie’, a Scottish answer to Norwegian ‘Hygge’. I enjoy exploring at a slower pace, so you’ll find my itineraries unique and often off-beat.

You’ll also see the best of Scotland’s natural wonders and sightseeing spots.


  • 10 days of the road trip exploring the best of natural wonders and sightseeing spots of Scotland 
  • Featuring Glasgow| Loch Lomond | Oban & Isles | Glencoe | Loch Ness | Inverness &Culloden | Pitlochry | St Andrews | Culross | Edinburgh
  • 40 pages of a detailed daily itinerary
  • Hidden gems
  • Driving routes and distances
  • Historic places must-see in the destination
  • Links to travel resources
  • Scenic walks and drives
  • An interactive map
  • Includes accommodation recommendations in each destination and places to eat
  • Practical tips for road trip
Best of scotland

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With 11 main stops around Edinburgh’s Old Town, you can see the absolute best of the city in a short amount of time. Use the guide as an Edinburgh itinerary, self-guided walking tour, or a bucket list of must-see spots in the Scottish capital.

Holiday Expense Tracker to track your spending while traveling Scotland It’s perfect for you if you are planning your next trip or are already on vacation

Budget for holiday expenses ahead of time so you’ll know exactly how much you can spend in key categories using this  holiday budget template.

Scotland’s Bucket List Ideas help you to experience Scotland differently

Your Ultimate Scotland Bucket List just to write down some ideas 


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