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Travelling is empowering. It changes us. We see the world in a new light, and that light reflects upon us.

My name is Kate and I created Scotland Itinerary Planning to give you those life-changing experiences right in the beautiful country I call home.

I’m proud to live in Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities. Living in Edinburgh has provided me a base to explore extensively around this magical little country.

From the Fairy Pools of the Isle of Skye to Scotland’s finest whisky distilleries, I’ve learned a lot about what makes Scotland special and what travellers want to see along the way.

I also want to share my experiences, advice, and perspectives that I’ve learned over the past eight years working at a leading Scottish destination management company as well as travelling and living in this incredible country.

So, what makes Scotland Itinerary Planning different?

Personalised tailormade itineraries. Curated by destination expert, a wide range of ready-made itineraries are available in the shop. I have extensive knowledge of Scotland and would love to share my experience with you!

Scotland Itinerary Planning focuses on seeing Scotland through a responsible and sustainable travel lens. I believe in providing high-quality experiences tailored to you, so that you can write your own unique stories about Scotland.

Through years of experience, travel, and a handful of mistakes, I’ve gathered the tools, the contacts, and the insights to provide you with a memorable and unique travel experience in Scotland.

Thank you for being here and taking the interest in visiting Scotland with a more sustainable and responsible approach.

Contact me today to begin planning your life-changing trip to Scotland. I am so excited to help take you on this journey.

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Are you looking to plan your vacations to Scotland? My custom itinerary is perfect for busy people who don’t want to waste time planning their precious time of leisure!

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Scotland, where the legends were born and many places have their own tales. Kings and castles, the culture of Highland clans.

They all tell the stories, and hopefully, this section can serve you as an introduction to this fascinating country.


Scotland, without a doubt, is the most beautiful country in the world. Castles, bagpipes, kilts and whisky la la land.

Magnificent mountains, green rivers, mystical islands, and the cities of culture. Help yourself to explore this small but captivating country.


Are you looking for some inspiration? Not sure where to go and what to do? From road and train trips, weekend breaks to the Grand tour of Scotland.

Here, you will find an array of ready-made itineraries to get you going.

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Are you overwhelmed with the information and not sure where to start?

The last thing you want is to spend hours and even days just trying to figure out how to spend your vacations in Scotland! Click here to get started!


Desirable booking websites for car rental, accommodation, tours and more; all with time and money-saving information.

Here, you find an information hub for planning and booking everything that is needed for holidays in Scotland.

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