Scotland Itinerary Review

Is your job so hectic that you often delegate tasks?

I am the right person to outsource if you want a perfect schedule for your vacations to Scotland!

I will show you where to shop, where to stay, where to eat, and where to go for an optimal experience!

This is for you if you have almost completed your itinerary; you know the duration of your vacation and places you want to see and things to do. You need a local like me to see if your itinerary is feasible or needs some tweaking to make your trip amazing!

What's included:

  • I will check the feasibility of your itinerary. Things like length of your stay, does it accommodate the amount of activities and sightseeing you want to do and most importantly does it fit into your budget?
  • Recommendation for the most efficient mode of transport travelling around your chosen destinations
  • Activities or Historic Places you must see in the destination
  • Recommend any alternative places to visit to enrich your experience
  • Fill the gaps in your itinerary
  • Links to travel resources
  • Travel checklist bundle
  • 1 revision
  • Fast delivery 48h
Old Lachan Castle Argyll's Secret Coast

I offer 4 different packages tailored to different needs.

Why choose me?

  • With 8 years’ experience of working for a destination management company, I am fully-qualified to create the best itinerary for you and make your trip to Scotland unforgettable!
  • I know the destination and can offer personal insights and tips.
  • I am a local and have extensive practical knowledge of travelling across Scotland and I am passionate about sharing my experiences with you.
  • I will provide a custom travel itinerary made for YOU and tailored to your needs and desires.
  • I do not represent hotels and do not take commissions like most traditional travel agents do, so you can rest assured that my advice is unbiased and truly tailored to your requirements.

Still not convinced?

I understand that is a difficult decision if you never used this type of service before.

Just a reminder of the invaluable benefits of my planning services:

  • Your time is priceless, so let me help you make the most of it
  • You will stay within your budget
  • I will take the stress out of planning a trip to Scotland
  • Daily plan including driving instructions
  • Personalised itinerary to make your memories unforgettable
  • Well-structured and balanced plan of your dream vacation
  • Local insights and tips to make sure you have an authentic Scottish experience
  • You will take home awesome photos to share with friends and family

5 Easy Steps to Your Booking

Step 1

After receiving your request, I’ll email you with a questionnaire which will help me to learn about your interests, your vacation dates, your must-see places and any special requirements. You’ll be able to let me know if there is anything you’re unsure about, or any questions you may have about your trip. I will send you custom made payment link payable by Paypal or credit card

How you can help me?

Pucks Glen Argyll's Secret Coast

Step 2

On receipt of your completed questionnaire and full payment, I will create a draft itinerary based on everything we have discussed, to include as many of your wishes as possible.

Step 3

Take time to review this draft carefully and send me a list of amendments and questions. My Scotland Itinerary Planning service includes at least (depends on your package) one revision of your draft itinerary

Step 4

Once I re-write your draft and complete your program, I will send you a detailed PDF including all features and bundles as per your package with links to relevant websites, blogs and other travel resources for your trip. PDF is a downloadable and printable document.

Step 5

You’re then welcome to ask any questions or if require clarifications, you can feel free to email me and I’ll provide final answers.


$100 | £70 up to 10 days

Extra Days $10 | £7 per day

Special rates available for long-term travel


Please note that I am providing a consultation service; all bookings, including flights or travel to the UK, visa requirements, accommodations, attractions, activities and restaurants, are your responsibility. You will be provided with links to relevant websites, blogs and other travel resources for your trip, I recommend so that you can contact them directly.

Scotland Itinerary Planning recommends you purchase travel insurance and accepts no liability for any losses, injuries, or damages incurred while following an itinerary.

Please note, I do not provide a vacation assistant service. If you contact me during your trip to ask quick questions about your route or recommendations, I will aim to get to you as quickly as possible, but I cannot guarantee my availability.

Terms and Conditions of Your Booking

Please read the details below carefully before you order. Placing a request and payment for my service signals your acceptance of these terms.

  • Refunds will not be given, but I give revisions for the work we deliver.
    Full payment is required in advance and is non-refundable. Your itinerary slot and completion date will be confirmed on receipt of payment.
  • I provide local advice and itinerary suggestions only. You are responsible for booking and paying for all aspects of your trip and for researching travel to the UK, travel insurance and visa requirements etc.
  • Although availability will be checked at the point your itinerary is issued, this is not guaranteed. We recommend booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
  • Recommendations are based on my destination expertise combined with personal travel experience, through in-depth online and offline research, including other traveller reviews.
  • Scotland Itinerary Planning accepts no responsibility for any issues with accommodation, transport, attractions, or any other aspect of the itinerary.
  • Upon receipt of your Scotland Itinerary Review, Scotland Route Planning, Customised Itinerary Planning, Bespoke Itinerary & Trips Consultation, you are welcome to ask me any final questions via email. If you require further consultation or amendments to your itinerary, outside of the revision(s) included in your package, I will provide you with a quote for the additional time.