The Edinburgh Underground Tours You Have to Try Once in Your Lifetime

edinburgh underground ghost tour

Explore the hidden secrets of Edinburgh’s Old Town with a group of like-minded folk on a guided walking tour. Hear tales of espionage, treason and bloody revolution. Visit nooks and crannies you never knew existed. There are many underground ghost tours in Edinburgh that explore the area but which ones offer the best experience?


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What is an Underground Ghost Tour?


A ghost tour is a guided walking or driving tour of a city’s popular or notorious ghost sites. Some tours evoke the ghosts of a locale’s past through stories, legends, and folklore.

Some people say that you feel an eerie feeling when you go on a ghost tour. A lot of times there are scary stories about the buildings and towns so it can be a kind of frightening for some people. Edinburgh is a city of legends and stories, where you’ll find hidden secrets. Some of these legends are about the ghosts that haunt the underground streets of Edinburgh.


What to Expect From Underground Ghost Tour Edinburgh?


Edinburgh is one of the most haunted cities in the world, with sites ranging from royal palaces to dark alleyways. A typical Edinburgh underground ghost tour will take you on a journey through this rich history, taking you back to the stories of witches, ghosts and ghouls that have been roaming around the city for centuries.

The tours are guided by actors, which create an immersive theatre experience for the audience. The actors act out different characters in different stories to make the experience even more real. Most Edinburgh underground ghost tours will take you through the heart of the city, which is where most of the spooky tales are centred


edinburgh underground ghost tour

Greyfriars Cemetary

Top Scariest Places to Visit in Edinburgh


The dark streets and vaults in Edinburgh, with so many beautiful yet abandoned buildings, make it a perfect setting for a horror story. Particularly, the Old Town of Edinburgh is a beautiful, eerie and intriguing place. But we all know that the city has so much more than just its castles and cobbled streets to explore and experience. Underground vault tours in Edinburgh will take you through spooky stories of crime and punishment.




Here are the Top of the Spookiest Places for Those Who Love a Good Scare!


1. The Canongate Kirkyard, which is located at the top of Holyrood Road. This place is significant because it was originally built as a cemetery for people who lived in this area but has now transformed into an area where many famous people are buried, including Sir Walter Scott and Alexander Wilson. This place is haunted by many phantoms, as many people were executed as witches here during the 16th century. Late-night underground vaults terror tour is a hair-raising experience!

2. Edinburgh Castle, which has been said to have been cursed by King James VI of Scotland. There have been reports from those who have visited the castle late at night who say they saw figures walking around carrying candles and wearing all-black robes.


The Vennel Steps best underground ghost tour edinburgh

The Vennel Steps


3. The Vennel: A narrow alleyway near the Grassmarket which leads down to the Cowgate. It was at one time the main thoroughfare for this medieval town. There are many hidden places, and it’s not uncommon for all sorts of strange sounds or voices to be heard coming from these nooks and crannies. 

4. Cockburn Street: Rumoured to be the site of an ancient leper colony, Cockburn Street has seen much death and destruction throughout its long history. With its dark, winding corridors abandoned is one of the scariest streets in the city. Edinburgh murder mystery stories are the secret stories that lurk beneath the surface of Edinburgh. You’ll be amazed by what you can find in those hidden corners

Follow along with this guide for some hauntingly mysterious Edinburgh murder mysteries and ghost stories.


I’ve put together a list of the best underground ghost tours in Edinburgh


The tours are aimed at people who like ghost stories, mysteries and legends. The underground ghost tours are guided by actors, which create an immersive theatre experience for the audience. Experience the history, legends, and tales from this unique perspective.

Here find the best underground ghost tours in Edinburgh


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The Edinburgh Underground Tours You Have to Try Once in Your Lifetime
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