Explore the Magical Highlands. Glencoe Scotland

The Ring of Steall. Glencoe Scotland

A highland road trip is a must for your Scotland bucket list, and the scenic drive along the A82 Glencoe Scotland is definitely one of the best drives in the country.  If you are looking to have a memorable Scottish trip, you should plan a trip to Glencoe.


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You can see your favourite movie filming locations, sites of bloody battles fought centuries ago and amazing wildlife watching. Your journey will take you to historic sites and geological wonders.

Plus, with so much great hospitality on the agenda, you will have a relaxing and satisfying experience. Glencoe Scotland is definitely part of the world-famous for its friendly Scottish hospitality – they can’t wait to meet you!


Drive Glencoe

Glencoe is enchantingly beautiful 26 km from Fort William and is one of the most famous valleys in the Highlands.

It stretches between velvety green conical peaks, the peaks of which are often hidden in the clouds, and cascades of rocks.

The Glencoe Valley is famous for two main reasons, its scenery and natural resources. These are incredible and have been the place of worship for many hikers.

The Glencoe valley is typified by an ever-changing landscape and breathtaking scenery of hidden forests, bubbling streams and cascading waterfalls.

Its dark history is winded by the cruel events that unfolded there in 1692. This incident has gone down in history as the Glencoe Massacre when 30 members of Clan MacDonald were killed by government authorities in retaliation for not pledging allegiance to their monarch.


Driving Tips for the A82

The A82 is a fantastic road, but be sure to drive carefully, as the route includes many stunning vistas. Do not stop in the middle of these views and be cautious while approaching the parking bays.




Best Time to Go to Glencoe Scotland

Winter, you think is not the best time for sightseeing? I disagree. A lot of nature is looking bleak, but it gives those lucky enough to explore a great opportunity!

You can see some beautiful views and don’t have to wait in long lines- perfect timing if you ask me. The best time to do photography in Glencoe is, of course, during winter.



The snowy peaks make the perfect subject. Hiking will be more challenging because of the extreme weather‌. With that in mind, I recommend ‌you stick to low-intensity walks close to where you’re staying.

Find a hotel or B&B with a fireplace! Maybe have a drink at the bar and make some new friends? It will be an unforgettable experience.

Make sure you have proper clothing to protect from rain and wind. If it’s winter and snow is on the ground, then head over to one of the ski slopes!

Spring is a great time for Glencoe walks! The sun feels really lovely, and it’s easier to wear lighter clothes.

It’s also the best time to see lambs, birds’ nests and other animal babies. Some places might be closed or not accessible because of nesting season.



The mountain peaks are covered with snow, so the pictures look great. Though, hiking could be challenging because of muddy paths.

I love April and May here as not yet that busy and the weather is more stable than in March. 

Scottish summers are unique, and the light never seems to end. At this time it’s relatively warm in Highlands with lots of sunny days.

But remember that although it is summer, the weather might be unpredictable. The summers in Glencoe Scotland are very busy, so book your accommodation earlier.

Many of the accommodation provides demand of min 2 nights’ stay. Be aware of the midges, who are sometimes unbearable at this time of the year. So use some good protection like this

Glencoe Scotland in the Autumn has some extra benefits – it’s a feast for the eyes! Too many colours to name, but if you’ve ever been there before, then you know what I’m talking about.

So go out and explore nature while you can. Days are shorter, but midges are gone, which is a relief for wild campers.

The stags are fighting to impress, and you might hear some odd noises coming from the hillsides.


Glencoe Scotland with white peaks

Glencoe Scotland with white peaks


7 Reasons You Should Visit Glencoe Scotland

  • You will learn about geology as part of the Lochaber Geopark  Geologically speaking, Glen Coe is the remains of an ancient super-volcano. The eruptions took place about 420 million years ago and the volcano has long since become extinct.
  • It’s a great place to relieve stress and anxiety. Glencoe has the best woodland walks to help you ‌switch off. Walking in Glencoe improves the mood and provides an opportunity to get some fresh air and sunlight while exercising.
  • You will see some dramatic scenery and awe-inspiring views in Glencoe Scotland. 
  • You learn part of Scottish history, filming locations and cultural remarks. Massacre of Glencoe, Highland Clearances, the birthplace of Ossian a local bard, Lord Strathcona or Harry Potter to name just a few. 
  • Glencoe Scotland is a natural preserve and protected area. Has abundant wildlife, flora and fauna. You can see eagles, and otters and hear stags roar.
  • There is a variety of things to do in Glencoe– from exploring filming locations, climbing high peaks or distil your own gin – everyone can enjoy that
  • You can’t beat cosying up in a traditional Scottish pub after a Glencoe walks. Think blazing fires, real ales and great pub food.
Loch Lochan

Loch Lochan

How To Prepare for Glencoe Trip?

Weather in Glencoe can be difficult and unpredictable, so you’ll have to have the correct clothes and kit. Luckily we’ve got everything covered to help you stay safe!.

Packing the waterproof away when it’s sunny and bringing it out again if it starts to rain is quick, hassle-free and will be a lifesaver in bad weather.

To help you keep warm and dry, we recommend investing in three jacket layers, but it depends on the weather and the season. 

Walking trousers are a good investment and so are waterproof over-trousers. This way you’ll be ready for any weather, from wind to rain. Hats and gloves can also come in handy for different weather conditions. 

It is important to use the right footwear for a terrain. Breathable walking socks are a must, and merino wool socks are particularly appreciated because of their durability, softness and ability to regulate temperature.

Walks Signal Rock

Walks Signal Rock


It’s very important to have all the right equipment when you’re planning a hike, and having a rucksack stocked full of items is key. Hiking poles are a great support to your knees and hips in the hilly terrain.

Make sure to carry your mobile phone and maps- even if you’re using your GPS. If your GPS fails, then the map will come in handy!

A first aid kit and a whistle are 2 of the most useful items to have on hand for emergencies. In order to keep yourself comfortable on a long walk, it’s best to pack certain essentials like spare clothes, and socks.

Plus, don’t forget other items such as water or snacks, especially dark chocolate is handy. 


Clachaig Inn historic pub in Glencoe Scotland

Clachaig Inn historic pub in Glencoe Scotland

Glencoe Hiking Guide

  • Fill in a route card and leave it with someone who knows when you should be returning.
  • Be properly equipped, with good footwear, a head torch, and wet- or cold-weather gear in case the conditions change.
  • Learn how to read a map and use a compass.
  • Plan your route in advance.
  • Check the local weather forecast.
  • Start early and finish early.
  • Take sufficient food and water.
  • Carry a first aid kit.
  • Don’t rely on your mobile phone – you might not have any signal in the mountains.


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